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Via Faiti °6 (Lungotevere della Vittoria)
00195, Roma // Tel.06 3227019



ARTROM Network
Via Faiti #6 (Lungotevere della Vittoria) 
00195, Roma  Tel.+39 06 3227019 
Elizabeth Genovesi Partita Iva: IT 11257611001
Dafne Crocella Partirta Iva:IT 11257621000

ARTROM Network is the originator of
"Art Experience Evenings" and "Contemplative Art Appreciation"
as well as the representative in Rome of the international SLOW ART Movement

The motivation which gives form to ARTROM Network comes from a solid and clear belief that creativity is absolutely essential for a sane and healthy society. It needs to be supported, nurtured and cultivated with great care and a sense of responsibility. It is one of the most important processes we can experience as human beings. It is a precious gem.