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SLOW Art blooms in Rome!

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Slow Art Day is the global all-volunteer event with a simple mission: help more people discover for themselves the joy of looking at and communicating with art. 5 to 10 minutes in front of an artwork chosen by each participant, then a gathering of the group to share their sensations; a very simple process leading to unforeseen results.

The International SLOW Art Day was born in 2009 in New York with Phil Terry and a few friends who decided to experiment with the idea of choosing only a few works from the vast collection of Museum of Modern Art in NYC to view slowly and then share their sensations afterwards at lunch. (for details : http://www.slowartday.com)

What is Slow Art you ask?

Slow Art is a contemplative approach to observing art. Research has shown that most visitors to galleries and museums spend, on the average, not more than 8 seconds looking at a work of art! What can you possibly see or feel in 8 seconds? Art is about communication and in 8 seconds there is only enough time to introduce yourself and say hello to an artwork. A significant connection cannot be established in such a short time. The process of Slow Art simply asks that we let go of this aspect of hurrying.

ARTROM Network has been involved with the Slow Art since the “official launch” in 2010. Since then each of our exhibitions includes an evening dedicated to SLOW Art as an essential method to bring our public closer to the works presented. From this simple process we have seen amazing results, in moments of sharing immediately afterwards and also in the long term consequences, as a shift in perspective of the viewing public. This year we are working as part of the Global Outreach team as the representative for Italy. We have been scheduling meetings for people who would like to host a group for April 12th.
for information :: info@artromnetwork.com

SLOW Art a Roma
una nuova modalità di approccio all'esperienza artistica
riconosciuta e promossa a livello internazionale

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ARTROM Network è la sede italiana del Movimento Internazionale e dal 2010 cura e conduce incontri di Slow Art per promuovere un nuovo approccio all'esperienza artistica, nel quale 'osservatore diventa coscientemente partecipe del potere comunicativo delle opere d'arte.

Si occupa inoltre di organizzare le annuali Giornate Internazionali promosse dalla sede centrale di New York. Negli incontri di Slow Art viene chiesto agli osservatori di scegliere un’opera e fermarcisi di fronte per 5 minuti. Il tempo, valore vissuto spesso con frettolosa superficialità, diventa garante di un rapporto di intimità che permette all'osservatore di andare oltre la superficie materiale dell'opera e di comprenderla in modo profondo e diretto.

Il Movimento si basa sul lavoro di volontari: amanti d’arte che vedono in Slow Art la possibilità di avvicinare un pubblico ampio ed eterogeneo, non accademicamente formato, all’esperienza artistica. Quest’anno ARTROM Network sta formando un’equipe di volontari che possano guidare gruppi di Slow Art in diverse mostre e gallerie romane, portando il Movimento verso una maggiore visibilità.

. . . il gusto di assaporare e condividere l'arte, lentamente.

ARTROM Network
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ARTROM Network is the originator of
"Art Experience Evenings" and "Contemplative Art Appreciation"
as well as the representative in Rome of the international SLOW ART Movement

The motivation which gives form to ARTROM Network comes from a solid and clear belief that creativity is absolutely essential for a sane and healthy society. It needs to be supported, nurtured and cultivated with great care and a sense of responsibility. It is one of the most important processes we can experience as human beings. It is a precious gem.